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Sodium Intake

Dear Diabetes

Nov. 2017 

Dear Diabetes,

In 2012, you entered my life unexpectedly. You were the new chapter of my life.  You changed my view on food and beverages. Before you came into my life, I used to eat whatever I wanted.  Because of you, certain beverages and food items are off-limits such as sugary stuff, pizza rolls, French fries, dinner rolls, etc. It was hard to give them up, but it was for the best. I thought you would be the reason I couldn’t travel, but it turned out I was wrong.

Our relationship is full of ups and downs.  The ups are days with perfect glucose levels and the willpower to avoid certain things that I can’t eat at parties or restaurants. I’m mostly a stickler for rules, routines, and schedules because of autism. The downs are accidentally overmedicating and overeating or eating the wrong stuff. Sometimes, I have high glucose levels all day, some days the levels are low, and some days are in-between.  Sometimes, I have rebounds after being low. Sometimes, my autism causes stress which results in hyperglycemia. I used to panic when you gave me high numbers. I learned that it was better to be high than low. In fact, I learned lessons from my diabetic-related mistakes.

Because of you, I switched to better versions of chicken, fries, desserts, etc. I exercise a little more by dancing, running, and walking.  A strict diet makes me healthier and skinnier than I used to be. After you came along, I was even more confident about myself. The number of my meltdowns decreased. Before you, I had autism-related meltdowns.      

You and I will be together for life.